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Greenville – College hockey player goes rampant and bites young woman to death

A naked male assailant named Ralph Emmerson attacked and gruesomely maimed young single-mom Stacy Lane P. underneath a highway bridge near Rosebush Avenue in Greenville yesterday. During the 12-minute attack which was filmed by highway cameras, the local college student accused P. of stealing his pacifier, then beat her unconscious, removed her pants, and gruesomely bit and chewed the flesh off most of her genitals. He then proceeded to chew on her face, thereby grossly disfiguring it. The attack ended when Emmerson was fatally shot by a Greenville police department officer after failing to respond to commands instructing him to stop (he reportedly even snarled at police). Stacy Lane P. died shortly after in the ambulance. She leaves two children, 3 and 4 years old.

ELITE interviewed Emmersons family afterwards. Emmerson, 21, was employed at a fast food chain while studying at Hargrove community college. He was a college hockey player with a series of petty criminal arrests from age 16 until most recently in 2014. Police sources speculate that he was on Crystal Meth during the whole incident.




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