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Greenville – Nurse ends fake pregnancy with bloody murder of shelter dog

Nikki J. was four months pregnant – so thought her husband Michael J. But the 32 year old nurse tricked him by faking her pregnancy. When the date of birth approached, she bought a puppy from a local shelter home, killed it and skinned its remains to fake a miscarriage. She presented the bloody bundle to her husband one evening. Still under shock, the 35 year old construction worker tells Elite:

“I became suspiscous because she seemed relieved instead of devastated. Then I found a piece of fur in the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink.”

After confronting her, she admitted sacrificing the puppy to get out of the situation she created by lying to him. She also supposedly took yeast tablets that she stole from her work place to give her belly a swollen look, even injecting it with saline solution.

The woman is now under police custody, accused of cruelty of animals and willfull misrepresentation.

Nikki J. has had several miscarriages during the last five years. Michael J. says the couple tried to have a child and that her wife felt pressured to deliver. A spokesperson of the local dog shelter expressed concern that background checks of potential dog owners are not sufficient enough.






iconPoor little puppy though. How anyone can be so screwed up to do that is beyond me.


iconone screwed up woman


iconweird WTF you can tmake this up


iconThank goodness there was not real baby… Imagine her being someone’s mother 😮


iconThere is some sick people out there. Her’s one


iconJobless, welfare sucking trailer trash. This is the result of settling for second best in your life instead of making something out of it. Having to kill animals to make a point is cruel and ‘evil’.


iconThis relationship Must have been on the rocks prior to this. Ian assuming she tried to save it by bribing a baby into this world. But when there was No baby conceived, she had to fake the whole medical thing. I really feel for that poor man. And people can make nasty remarks about trailer trash but those of us who have had a better life and opportunities should be a bit more compassionate.


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